These bad habits can often lead to TMJ if they are prolonged for a long period of time.


1) Grinding teeth or bruxism

Bad Habits That Cause Jaw Pain 1

Clenching your teeth and grinding them can lead to both jaw strain as well as broken chipped teeth because your jaw is being forced out of its natural position. It’s unnatural to move upper and bottom teeth back and forward against each other. Talk to your dentist about getting some kind of mouth-guard to prevent these types of incidents.


2) Ripping packages open with teeth

Bad Habits That Cause Jaw Pain 2

Packaging or bags should be opened with a tool that’s more viable than your teeth as not only would your jaw become re-positioned, but the packages contain many germs that can potentially contaminate teeth. Try using a pair of scissors.


3) Eating hard candy

Bad Habits That Cause Jaw Pain 3

Hard candy can lead to a lot of stress and tension on the jaw because you are forcing your jaw to tightly close around the candy. It’s hard to resist candy during the holidays, but try to Stick to healthier foods like fruits and vegetables.


4) Nail biting

What nail biting really means, according to psychology

The act of biting your nails isn’t natural for your teeth as it can lead to forced closing of the jaw around the nail which can ruin the inherent position of the jaw. Try going to a manicure shop or trimming your nails.

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