Bruxism is a common disorder in many patients.  With the growing demands of our economy and life pressure, many unconsciously resort to grinding their teeth as a way of de-stressing.  Sadly enough, this type of grinding, while asleep or awake,  often times leads to painful and severe dental and neuromuscular problems. Bruxism can actually be very problematic and can lead to the loss of tooth enamel, increased tooth sensitivity, chipping of teeth, sore jaw, facial pain and  headaches.  As a Los Angeles premiere TMJ center, we see and treat numerous patients for this condition.

There are several proven methods of treating Bruxism, and one of the is the use of therapeutic Botox®. Botox® has been proven to be a short term treatment option for treating excessive muscle activity, including Bruxism and TMJ.  Injecting small doses of Botox® directly into the masseter muscle, which is the main muscle that controls jaw movement, weakens muscle activity which stops the excessive movement and ultimately hinders the unconscious grinding of teeth.

Dr. Sid Solomon DDS, offers a variety of treatment options for TMJ.  Botox® for Bruxism could be a good option for many patients suffering from certain symptoms related to headaches, facial pain, jaw locking and popping and much more.  This being said, for long term treatment of TMJ, Dr. Sid Solomon, DDS recommends scheduling a consultation to determine the extent of your TMD. Since Dr. Sid Solomon is a TMJ expert, there is no better doctor in Los Angeles to begin your road to recovery.   TMJ treatment ranges from therapeutic Botox® to different occlusal splint options. Call today and schedule an appointment to change your life, and get rid of your pain for good!

Added bonus: Dr. Solomon is the inventor of Unitox, the first and only syringe FDA approved for use with Botox®.  Unitox will ensure accuracy and precision and comfort with every single Botox injection.  Call today or visit to learn more.

This patient is receiving Botox® in her masseter muscle to relax her face, helping with her Bruxism.

This patient is receiving Botox® in her masseter muscle to relax her face, helping with her Bruxism.

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