Is there anything quite as piercing as a ringing in the ear? Most people know it as an uncomfortable and rare condition that never lasts too long. Those who experience chronic ringing in the ears, however, can experience prolonged ringing that can just about drive you crazy. In addition, these people are susceptible to diminished hearing ability due to the constant ringing.

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Ear congestion can cause diminished hearing. Ear congestion usually does not give its victims a second thought. A simple cleaning will usually do to clear ear congestion, and life goes on as usual.

Some ear congestion, however, is caused by TMJ, and can be too deep in the ear to clean. This ear congestion can cause diminished hearing, pain in the ear, susceptibility to ear infections, and annoying crackling noises in the ear. If a simple cleaning will not clear your ear congestion, or you experience chronic ear congestion over a sustained period of time, you might have ear congestion caused by TMJ.

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