Besides the knowledge and expertise that Dr. Solomon possesses inherently after nearly thirty years of neuromuscular practice, a large part of consistently and accurately treating TMJ Disorder is having the proper advanced tools and technology to do so. One recent innovation in TMJ dentistry that Dr. Solomon is proud to offer is the Tekscan (or T-Scan) device.  This is a software program and device designed specifically to take digital impressions of the bite and render THE utmost in bite analysis.
   Because of its dynamic nature, T-Scan is able to reveal the timing and amount of force projected on each individual tooth in the patient’s mouth, bringing more accuracy and detail than the simple articulating paper method. Because of this exact and defined measurement, Dr. Solomon is then able to account for and interfere with the problem areas in the bite and help solve the pain puzzle associated with TMJ pain.
      With this software, Dr. Solomon is able to present the patient’s bite to them in a graphic, easy-to-understand manner that helps patients better understand their diagnosis and to therefore make more informed decisions as related to their TMJ treatment plan. Although just one of the many technologically advanced equipment used by Dr. Solomon in order to further provide the best and most precise medical attention to patients, T-Scan is truly a game changer in providing occlusal imagery. If you suspect you’re suffering from TMJ Disorder or are even suffering any of the symptoms listed HERE, we encourage you to come in for a consultation with Dr. Solomon, so he can put an end to your suffering, and help you return to the life you deserve!
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