Why Dr. Solomon Treats TMJ

Dr. Sid Solomon DDS strives to connect the pieces of the human anatomy together to further develop his already-vast understanding of the jaw pain puzzle affecting millions worldwide.  He has a passion for understanding the classification of not only the jaw structure, but of the whole human structure through gnathological neuromuscular dentistry. 

Dr. Solomon’s passion can be seen by his enthusiasm in advancing rapidly through difficult,  TMJ courses.  These extracurricular advanced courses paired with his over 30 years worth of practical experience working with the structure of the jaw have turned Dr. Sid Solomon into a world-renowned TMJ professor.  He can effectively  deduce most  TMJ issues and address  the problem at the core thereby restoring the patient’s overall health. As a professor, Dr. Sid Solomon receives many students eager to gain his professional insight on methods of analyzing bite patterns and how to handle specific jaw-pain cases.  Dr. Solomon educated doctors all over the United States and in Dubai.

Dr. Sid Solomon sees his profession as an ever-changing, ever moving, beautiful ocean of skill, artistry and technique. Dr. Solomon feels an inherent obligation to his patients to forever ride the waves of this ocean and grow as a dental practitioner every single day.

His passion and his excellent bedside manners enable him to sit patiently with patients and communicate cogently about their specific TMJ case. His patients appreciate this with great positive feedback and reviews.

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He takes pride in his work and enjoys changing people s lives for the better. He is blessed with a beautiful family, a dedicated staff, and amazing patients.

Anatomy of Skull TMJ Dentist Los Angeles TMJ Doctor Sid Solomon DDS

Dr. Sid Solomon DDS

TMJ Dentist Los Angeles TMJ Doctor Sid Solomon DDS


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